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In formulating a plan for any business, identifying short and long term goals are needed to reach a positive result.


Listening and asking questions are the most important components to our performance, as to better understand our clients needs leads to the best approach in determining how to achieve assurance. Whether it’s by reducing the actual commodity cost, increasing potential incentives or being more efficient in the way that energy is used, all things are considered in providing a service that gives the customer exactly what they want.


Sometimes a customer may prefer to focus on the short term by sourcing the power at the best price, in which United Power Consultants can help navigate through the various products the industry has to offer. Other times it makes better sense to consider a plan that can be upheld for a more considerable amount of time. There are even ways to RENEGOTIATE during the duration of contracted service, which allows the client the ability to advantage of the best of both worlds.

Step 1: What are your business goals and objectives?

Step 2: Review your historical usage data, find out where, when, and what might make sense.

Step 3: Monitor the market, communicate, present options.

Step 4: Execute a plan.





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