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Electric Supply: Deregulated

Gas Supply: Deregulated

Electric Utilities: Cleveland Illuminating, Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison, Duke Energy, Dayton Power & Light, American Electric Power (AEP), Dominion East Ohio, FirstEnergy

Gas Utilities: Columbia Gas of Ohio, Duke Energy, Vectren Energy

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The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio allows customers to choose alternative electricity suppliers. Most Ohio utilities continue to own generation with exception of FirstEnergy which sold off its power plants but continues to own its transmission and distribution wires. The utilities were required to develop “Electric Security Plans” to serve customers who do not choose an alternative energy supplier. Under the security plans, customers are responsible for surcharges for energy efficiency, economic development, new power plants, and updated and deferred fuel costs, in addition to deferring current costs into the future.


Natural Gas

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio allows customers at Dominion East Ohio, Columbia Gas, Duke Energy and Vectren Energy Delivery the ability to choose an alternative supplier for natural gas. Their gas supply will still be delivered by the local utility. Most utilities are transitioning away from providing for gas supply exiting what is called the “merchant function” of gas supply service. Those still providing natural supply charge a “Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) rate”. In the emerging model, utilities auction off customer supply and charge a “Standard Service Offer (SSO)”. SSO is similar to the GCR but is set by competing suppliers via an auction and based on the NYMEX price.


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